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6 CD Audio Program
Your Instruction Manual For Getting a Job with a Criminal Record  

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We understand that training budgets have been stripped. To that end, we have made an unprecedented decision.
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Here is what the program includes:

Licensing and Duplication Rights

This program comes with duplication rights that allow you to make as many copies of all print material as needed for the purchase location. The following materials are included on a data CD:


Executing an Aggressive Job Search (17 pages)

Creating the Strongest Résumés Possible (28 pages)

Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them (13 pages)

Cover Letters That Get Your Résumé Noticed (16 pages)

Preparing for the Interview (14 pages)

Disclosing Your Conviction and Nailing the Interview (26 pages)


State by State Guide to Obtaining, Correcting, and Cleaning Criminal Records


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